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Opening Up The City

Hartford, Connecticut

A virtual wall encircling Hartford's downtown area diminishes some of the city's most beautiful features while cutting off neighborhoods. The West End and Asylum Hill are endowed with attractions, institutions, businesses and residential neighborhoods that are unique to Hartford. Unfortunately, these assets seem to have very little relevance to the central city.

Broad St. and Farmington Ave. in Hartford Connecticut

"Opening Up The City" is a vision to transform a disjointed section of Hartford (which happens to be its geographical center) into a common hub to the surrounding neighborhoods. It supports pedestrian friendliness, builds on the landscape and puts a new emphasis on existing landmarks.

Approaching the Capitol from Farmington Avenue

Rising Star

This is the view looking northwest from the grounds of the State Capitol in Bushnell Park. The building with the green dome is the Hartford Fire Insurance Company on Asylum Hill.

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This view is facing southeast from the interior of the block near the rear of the State Armory. A channel for the Park River can be seen in the foreground.

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